Monday, April 12, 2010

Preview: Killraven Meets 'Marvel Zombies' ?!

The latest installment of the franchise, 'Marvel Zombies 5', picks up on the storyline used in Zombies 4, in which a reluctant Machine Man was drafted into action in order to eliminate a zombie infestation in yet another alternate Marvel Universe. 

The first issue of Zombies 5 takes place in the setting of the old Marvel western comics, and involves well-known characters like the 'Two-Gun Kid' and 'Kid Colt'. 

The issue ends with a one-page preview of the second issue of 'Zombies 5', showcasing none other than Killraven and the 'War of the Worlds' storyline - ! It will certainly be interesting to see one of the PorPor Blog's favorite 70s icons make the Zombie scene....