Sunday, May 9, 2010

'Colorvision' by Ron Cobb

This oversize paperback was published in 1981 by Wild and Woolley; I was startled to see copies selling on for $80 (!).

Ron Cobb (b.  1937) grew up in Burbank, CA, and in the early 60s worked as an animator for Disney. He served in Viet Nam  in 1963. Upon his return to Hollywood in 1964 he became a freelance artist and designer and did covers for 'Famous Monsters of Filmland' magazine. He also did political cartoons for independent press outlets. In 1972 - 1973 Cobb toured Australia, where he currently lives.

In the early 70s Cobb befriended Dan O'Bannon, then involved with the legendary low-budget SF film 'Dark Star', and designed the spaceship featured in the film. In the mid-70s O'Bannon moved on to bigger things with the 20th Century Fox production of 'Alien', and he recruited Cobb to do many the film's spaceship, interior,  and set designs. Cobb's contributions to the film tended to be overlooked for the more bizarre and memorable designs of H. R. Giger.

Cobb used his Alien work to win further assignments in big budget SF film production, working on the first 'Conan' film, and later 'Aliens', 'Leviathan', 'The Abyss' and 'Total Recall' among others. He continues to do design and concept art for movies, amusement rides, and video games.

'Colorvision' focuses on Cobb's early freelance work, his  concept art for 'Alien' and 'Conan', and impressive art for a John Milius film ('Half of the Sky') about mountain men, that never made it into production.

I've posted some scans of Cobb's art from the book.

Cobb's official web site is 'under construction' ...hopefully he'll get it up and running soon, and provide some more images for SF fans and art appreciators to enjoy. And hopefully 'Colorvision' will be printed again so more people can get hold of it for their collections.

'Nightscape', late 50s, ink, oil, and colored pencil

'The Door', late 50s, pen and oil wash


concept art for 'Alien', mid-70s, acrylic (top) and ink and felt tip pen (bottom)

'Close Encounter', concept art for 'Half of the Sky', late 70s, acrylic

'Discovery of the South Pass', concept art for 'Half of the Sky', late 70s, acrylic
(this is one of the most brilliant landscape paintings I've ever seen) 


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