Tuesday, May 4, 2010

'Heavy Metal' magazine April 1980

The April 1980 issue of'Heavy Metal' features a cover illustration by Tony Roberts, titled ‘He Turned the Phindog to Stone’, with  ‘Perversity’, by Wotipka, on the back cover.
Much of this issue is taken up with Jeronatan’s ‘Champakou’, dealing with (‘frisky’) Central American Indians from ancient times, and a visitor from outer space. It’s well illustrated and written, and one of the better serial comics to appear in the early years of Heavy Metal. Also appearing were segments of Moebius’s ‘Airtight Garage’, Corben’s ‘The Beast of Wolfton’, and Caza’s ‘Suburban Scenes: November’.
Enki Bilal contributed a little four-page story, ‘Of Needle and Thread’, which I’ve excerpted here.

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