Sunday, October 30, 2011

'Fever' by Jean-Michel Nicolett
from the October 1981 issue of Heavy Metal magazine

The October 1981 issue of 'Heavy Metal' lacked the horror theme that made the October 1979 H. P. Lovecraft special issue so memorable. But like the October 1979 issue, one of the best pieces in the magazine was another strip by Jean-Michel Nicolett, 'Fever', which I've posted below.

Let's see.....a demon dressed in kid's pajamas (!?) rides a mechanical spider down an eerie canyon of Hell in search of an overweight mutant possessing a parasitic twin attached to her abdomen ...?! 

The story starts out weird, and just gets weirder. 

'Fever' has brilliant artwork, and demented genius, and even at 8 pages in length, it's easily far better than anything appearing in current issues of 'Heavy Metal'.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this (though I'm a few years behind). I remember getting hold of this old HM issue (I was a kid then) and being really disturbed by the entire 'Fever' here. Jean-Michel Nichollet does have an incredibly bizarre style (it shows in other issues of Heavy Metal & his book covers) but this one defies much description. Incredible.