Thursday, October 6, 2011

'Heavy Metal' magazine October 1981

The October 1981 issue of Heavy Metal featured a front cover by Thomas Warkentin titled 'Guess Who ?' and a back cover by Enki Bilal titled 'Nikopol'.

New installments of Sternako's 'Outland', Bilal's 'The Immortal's Fete', and Corben's 'Den II' are present. A new serial by Segrelles, 'The Mercenary', starts with this issue. There is a new strip from Caza, 'Overground', a black and white strip from Gary Davis titled 'Nil-Gish', and a portfolio of paintings by Philippe Duillet. I'll be posting some of these entries as the month unfolds.

Posted below is Sternako's 'Outland'. 

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