Thursday, April 18, 2013

'Godfather Death'
by Scott Hampton
from issue 17 (April, 1983) of Epic Illustrated



Romanticide said...

I always like this tale but oh my! the art in here is really something!

Anonymous said...

There's another earlier version of "Godfather Death" by Scott Hampton that he did before this story. Archie Goodwin commissioned Hampton to do the above revised version.

The original black and white version (also painted art) was later printed as a backup story in LOST PLANET # 1.

I love this earlier Frazetta-influenced work by Scott Hampton. Some of his other stories in this style if you're hungry for more appear in ALIEN WORLDS 3 ("The Inheritors", 10 pages), TALES OF TERROR 8 ("The Revanant", pages), NEW TALENT SHOWCASE 1-3 ("Class of 2084" series, 1984),
SWAMP THING 14 and 15 (1983)
SILVERHEELS 1-3 (1983-1984, collected with a new conclusion in the SILVERHEELS graphic novel in 1987).
And the Robert E. Howard adaptation in the PIGEONS FROM HELL graphic novel (1988).
Also nice painted stories in Marve/Epic's HELLRAISER anthology, issues 2 and 4 (1990).

Beyond that point, Hampton's art style began to morph, and look more like the art of Jon Muth and George Pratt. Still nice, but a different style.

Anonymous said...

I accidentally hit enter before I finished.

LOST PLANET 1 (this version of "Godfather Death" is 6 pages of b&w painted art, published May 1987)

TALES OF TERROR 8 ("The Revenant" 13 pages, Sept 1987)