Monday, April 15, 2013

'Heavy Metal' magazine, April 1983

April, 1983, and on MTV, no can escape seeing Styx's 'Mr. Roboto' video.

On the newsstands is the latest issue of 'Heavy Metal' magazine, with a front cover by Chris Achilleos, and a back cover by Tito Salomoni.

In the Dossier section, there is a decided focus on early 80s hipster material.

We start off with a review of films being made by pretentious NYC indie filmmakers; one of the decade's biggest poseurs, Lydia Lunch, gets prominent mention. 

From there, the Dossier turns to something called 'Classical Modernism', with a spotlight on somebody named Karlheinz Stockhausen. I imagine that even the most ardent hipsters began to get glazed eyes here.

The comics pages cover releases by Jack 'Jaxon' Jackson, and Gil Kane, among others. 'Judge Dredd' and '2000 AD' comics, in the form of 'The Cursed Earth' series, shows up on the HM radar.

Among the better comics appearing in the April issue is 'Power to the People', by Angus McKie, which I've posted below.


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