Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Car Warriors issue 4

Car Warriors
issue 4
Epic Comics / Marvel, September, 1991

The Delorean Run is underway......and our contestants are neck-and-neck on the road to Lansing !

But violence and mayhem accompany the race, as the mutants of the wastelands try their best to snuff out any trespassers.......

Even the Wysockis, my favorites among the racers, will find the going gets difficult.....

And then, there's the stench of corporate treachery waiting at the finish line.....!

Here it is, the final episode of 'Car Warriors', featuring one of the more gruesome illustrations of gunshot-mediated disembowelment I've ever seen in a 'mainstream' comic book.....!

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Garnett Elliott said...

A disappointing end for the Wysockis, but at least Mecha Shan got to go down fighting.