Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Epic Illustrated December 1984

Epic Illustrated 
December, 1984
No. 27

December, 1984, and on MTV, it's Wham, with 'Last Christmas'. Great 80s hairstyles and fashions are on display.....

The December issue of Marvel's Epic Illustrated is out, and all things considered, it's a pretty good issue. There is a fine front cover painting by Clyde Caldwell, and inside, a showcase of the art book 'Castles'.

A lengthy part of the magazine is devoted to running several episodes of the dire, grossly over-praised Vaughn Bode comic 'Cobalt 60'. There is also too much space given to a promotional section for the Sergio Aragones comic 'Groo the Wanderer'. 

But there are some good single-episode comics, including the satirical 'Corporate Wars' by Mike Saenz, which I've posted below.......

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