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Bob Larkin: Doc Savage paintings

Bob Larkin: Doc Savage paintings
from The Savage Art of Bob Larkin, S. Q. Productions, 2009

In 1977 artist Bob Larkin took over the cover illustration assignments for Bantam's Doc Savage paperbacks, beginning novel No. 89, 'The Magic Island', in July of that year. 

Larkin's work recalled the amazing illustrations that James Bama had provided for the series (in fact, Larkin used the same model - Steve Holland - as Bama had used).

Doc Savage Omnibus No. 9 (July 1989)

Larkin provided covers for much of the remaining books in the series, finishing up with Doc Savage Omnibus No. 13 in October 1990.

Larkin pulled off the difficult feat of evoking the realistic painting style of James Bama, while providing his own unique take on the illustrations.

Additional Doc Savage illustrations can be viewed at Larkin's website.

left: The Fiery  Menace (October 1984), top: Death Had Yellow Eyes (January 1982), bottom, The Goblins (March 1985)

specially commissioned painting for a limited edition print from Graphitti Studios

Doc Savage Omnibus No. 12 (June 1990)

top left: The Pharaoh's Ghost (January 1981), bottom left: The Time Terror (January 1981), right, The All-White Elf (unused)

specially commissioned painting for Terry Allen

 left: The Running Skeletons (unpublished), top: Hell Below, (October 1980), bottom, The Golden Man (February 1984)

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