Thursday, July 30, 2015

Lip Service from Alien Worlds No. 5

Lip Service
by Bruce Jones (story) and John Bolton (art)
from Alien Worlds (PC Comics) No. 5, December 1983

A neat little tale of Insect Fear........

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DeadSpiderEye said...

Great story, is it me and the cynicism I've acquired since I first read this or is there an element of social satire? What I'm certain of, is that the analogue of Klete's drama works particularly well, foreshadowing the reveal and creating a building sense of dramatic irony at the conclusion. One thing that bothers me a little about the details of the plotting is the cover story for the colony, I realise it's intended to be a perfunctory deception but Clayborne's realisation seems a little rushed, in the face of some obvious clues.