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Heavy Metal magazine October 1985

'Heavy Metal' magazine October 1985

October, 1985, and on FM radio, Sunset Grill, by Don Henley, is in heavy rotation. The song, which I consider one of Henley's best ever, was a track on his 1984 album Building the Perfect Beast. Released as a single in 1985, it got as high as number 22 on the Hot 100 chart in October, 1985.

According to Henley, the song was about ".....the disappearance of a certain way of life and of doing business and of people relating to each other on a one-to-one, personal level....It's about living in a world of corporations and franchises. The small shopkeeper in the city is being put out of business."

The October 1985 issue of Heavy Metal magazine is on the stands.....with a cheesecake cover by Greg Hildebrant.

The contents of this issue make clear the ongoing trend by the editorial staff to shift the magazine's focus from high-quality sf and fantasy material, and more into cartoony, softcore porn.......'Mara's Edge' by Riggenberg and Knight, Jr., and 'Slot Machine' by Altuna, being good examples. The October 1985 issue is a far cry from the outstanding H. P. Lovecraft-themed issue of October 1979.........

There still is some worthwhile material in the magazine: 'Weird Soup', by Nicola Cuti, another installment of 'Rebel' by Pepe Moreno, and 'Timescooter' by Juan Gimenez. 

'Timescooter' is posted below.

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fred said...

I also liked the beginning of the Jodorowsky and Cadelo "The Jealous God" and its wild character imaginations, and of course the Rock Opera, but I agree there's much not to like, and the issue's on lesser quality paper as well.
Interesting that the final "Rebel" shows the collapse of the remaining WTC tower, 16 years before it actually happened.