Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Wings in the Night Part One

Solomon Kane: 'Wings in the Night' 
Part One
by Don Glut (story) and David Wenzel (art)
The Savage Sword of Conan No. 53 (June 1980)

Robert E. Howard published the story 'Wings in the Night' in the July, 1932 issue of Weird Tales magazine. In 1980, Don Glut and David Wenzel teamed up to produce the story in comic form as a two-part backup feature in the June and July, 1980 issues of the Marvel / Curtis magazine The Savage Sword of Conan.

'Wings', which is a Solomon Kane adventure set in Africa, is one of Howard's most effective and memorable horror stories. The story opens with Kane coming upon a bound and dying man who, despite being horribly mutilated, can still speak....

Kane then comes upon a village beset by vicious, winged predators; he attempts to intervene, but this not a conventional 'hero' story where Good Triumphs over Evil........

Glut's script avoids padding or embellishing the original story, making the wise decision to let Howard's plot speak for itself. With his artwork, David Wenzel uses a stark, expressionistic style that, in its graphic depiction of severed heads, ripped flesh, and spurts of gore, goes quite a bit beyond what was usually presented in the Savage Sword franchise.

Part One is posted below; Part Two will appear in the next post here at the PorPor Books Blog.

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