Sunday, January 17, 2016

Heavy Metal magazine Winter 1986

'Heavy Metal' magazine Winter 1986

January, 1986, and on MTV, the video for Sting's single 'The Russians' is in rotation.

Heavy Metal magazine, having decreased from monthly to quarterly circulation, unveils its 'new and improved' Winter 1986 issue. Darryl Hanna is the cover subject, depicted on the poster for the upcoming film The Clan of the Cave Bear.

While most of this issue's content is not very memorable, it does feature the longest story ever printed by Jean-Michel Nicolett (using the pseudonym 'Sesar'). 

As with his July, 1985 Heavy Metal contribution 'Metropolis', Nicolett again turns to classic old films for inspiration........ this time it's King Kong that inspires a story titled 'The Great Kong', posted below.

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fred said...


the Daryl Hannah cover might have been the nicest cover of the thankfully brief period when Heavy Metal was a quarterly (3 years, maybe didn't seem so brief at the time).