Thursday, January 7, 2016

The Trespasser Part One

The Trespasser
Part One
by Don McGregor (script) and Paul Gulacy (art)
from Eerie No. 103 (August 1979)

Among the better features in the pages of Eerie in the late 70s - early 80s were the collaborations between artist Paul Gulacy and writers such as Doug Moench and Don McGregor. 

I've already posted the outstanding three-part serial 'Blood and Black Satin' by Gulacy and Moench that appeared in 1980, but the three-part serial 'The Trespasser', which appeared a year earlier, also is worthy of a posting.

Although the issues of Eerie from which I'm making these scans are 35 years old, dog-eared, and wrinkled and warped, with my scans set to 300 dpi / 1 MB each, hopefully the high quality of Gulacy's art is apparent despite the compromised paper quality.  

[I suspect contemporary readers may not recognize the actor that Gulacy uses as a model for the for the benefit of those modern-day readers, that actor is James Coburn.]

Below is Part One of 'The Trespasser'.....Parts Two and Three will be posted in successive order here at the PorPor Books Blog.

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