Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Sci-fi books from the UK

Sci-fi Books from the UK

With the growth of 'e commerce', it's now a lot more feasible to purchase paperbacks from bookstores in the United Kingdom. They will accept online purchases made with a US credit card.

I got this set of eight from 

This vendor / bookstore collective has a large inventory of old Sphere and Panther sci-fi paperback books from the 70s. They charge a flat shipping fee of £ 2.99, which is about $3.79. Including the shipping charge, my eight books averaged $3.75 each, which is quite competitive with US online vendors.

The time between ordering and arrival for this particular shipment was 17 days.

Some of these books, like the Philip K. Dick title, are hard to find in the inventories of US sellers, so investigating UK merchants can be worthwhile. It's also well worth looking at these UK sellers for books in genres other than sci-fi, horror, or fantasy.

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