Monday, December 5, 2016

Spanish Comic Book Artists

Masters of Spanish Comic Book Art
coming January 2017

Here at the PorPor Books Blog I try to keep an eye out for sci-fi, fantasy, and horror - themed gift books that usually are promoted during the Christmas / Holiday season.

This season's top entry, Masters of Spanish Comic Book Art, is (unfortunately) not going to be released in time to be the ideal under-the-tree gift, but its publication date of 31 January 2017 is still close enough to make it worth mentioning in the 'Holiday Context'.

If, like me, you are a fan of the great artwork (by artists like Sanjulian, Esteban Maroto, and Jose Gonzalez) that appeared in the 70s for comic books, magazines, and paperback covers for American publishers, than this volume certainly deserves contemplation.

The book - which is published by Dynamite - is available for pre-order at online retailers. 

A preview of the contents in available here.

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