Monday, March 13, 2017

Book's End, Syracuse New York

Book's End, Syracuse New York

James Street in Syracuse, New York has two good used bookstores within a few block of each other. 

I've chronicled my previous visit to Books and Melodies LLC here

Last week, I decided to check out Book's End.

Although the sci-fi section of the store is not overly large, they do have a good selection of rarer titles, and I found 10 volumes that were definitely worth picking up, including two vintage Doc Savage titles (pasted below). 

The store has a section devoted solely to movie and television tie-ins, allowing me to grab such gems as The China Syndrome and (a truly rare gem) Together Brothers (stand by for the Review).

Prices are a bit higher than what you usually will see at used book stores; the lot below averaged $4.00 each.

This store is worth investigating should you be in the Syracuse area.

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