Thursday, January 1, 2015

Christmas 2014 Acquisitions

Christmas 2014 acquisitions

The majority of these paperbacks were obtained from Books and Melodies LLC, a bookstore located at 2600 James Street in Syracuse, New York:

The entire storefront is occupied by the bookstore. The sf section, while not overly large, contained a number of obscure and less frequently encountered titles, most priced at $2 - $3 each. 

Horror fiction is interspersed with the mysteries. There is an extensive section of general fiction, and a large section for nonfiction works, as well as lots of shelf space for DVDs and records (the vinyl kind). 

Books and Melodies is well worth visiting if you are in the Syracuse area.

I can't say I'm a big Delaney fan, but these two volumes may be worth investigating.

The Margaret St Clair novel was an utter mystery, while The Ophiuchi Hotline is a well-known example of mid-70s sf.

I'm skeptical of The Steel Crocodile, but it does have a classic late 60s - early 70s cover illustration from The Dillons. The Elwood anthology is likely mediocre, but worth a try.

Lowland Rider may be another over-rated early 90s 'psychological thriller'  masquerading as a horror tale. The Chaos Weapon is a sequel of sorts to Kapp's 1972 novel Patterns of Chaos (review coming soon).

The Dead Astronaut is a collection of sf tales appearing in Playboy during the 60s. The Destroying Angel is second-gen cyberpunk, and seems like a worthy read.

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2theD said...

Argh! I've been looking for the complete six-book collection of the Playboy Editors' series of science fiction from 1971. I only have From the 'S' File but would love to get my hands on he rest of them, such as The Dead Astronaut Sooooo jealous.