Saturday, January 3, 2015

Bunker's Family by Nicollet

'Bunker's Family' by Nicollet
from Metal Hurlant No. 14, February, 1977

Unfortunately, my efforts to translate the text of this comic using Google Translate are singularly unsuccessful, yielding mainly gibberish. And, as best as I can tell, an English translation of this comic was never printed in the pages of Heavy Metal.

Nonetheless, the warped, satiric genius of 'Bunker's Family' will come across regardless of your fluency in French.......

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fred said...

Fantastic, thank you. I don't read French either but I still enjoyed seeing it.
You're correct that this was not in Heavy Metal magazine, but some great Nicollet did appear, including the very first cover.
One of my favorites was "The Abracax Effect" in March 1978, I thought it was every bit as creepy as "Bunker's Family".
thanks again.