Saturday, January 24, 2015

The Appointment by Angus McKie

The Appointment 
by Angus McKie
from Comic Tales, Tyneside Free Press (UK), 1988

'Comic Tales' is a UK trade paperback (52 pp; 1988) that compiles a number of Angus McKie's comics. I recognize some of the entries as comics that McKie published in Heavy Metal in the early 80s, but others I have never seen before (the book's contents / indica pages provide no information on the origin of the material). 

The contents are: 'Wurtham View', 'Tales of the Zen Masters', 'Tales of the Sufi Masters', 'The King and I', 'The Appointment','Superhero', 'Spirit of 67', 'Legend of the Magic Tone- Box', and 'Power to the People'.

Below is 'The Appointment', which mingles a well-known legend / fable with some great artwork and coloring from McKie.


diane collinson said...

I have a great signed copy of this book. My dad worked at Tyneside Free Press and knew Angus :)

Dave Huxley said...

I wrote Wurthumview, Alan Craddock wrote and did some artwork on Superhero and Mike Feeney wrote Power to the People. Some of the stories appeared elsewhere (Pssst and Heavy Metal)but some were original to the book. It was the last thing we produced when the four of us operated as the 'Junior Print Outfit' in Newcastle.