Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Gallery of 70s SF paperbacks 

from David Kyle's 'A Pictorial History of Science Fiction', Hamlyn, London,1977


MPorcius said...

The Steranko illustration used on the cover of the edition of Brackett's Ginger Star in this gallery was later used by IBooks for the cover of their 2000 omnibus of the first two Callisto books by Lin Carter.

I've read both Ginger Star (in a 1974 Ballantine edition) and the aforementioned Callisto omnibus, and can report that they are both mediocre but not unpleasant planetary romances. Brackett's work is more polished than Carter's, and she doesn't follow the Edgar Rice Burroughs mold as slavishly as does Lin Carter.

If any other books surface using this Steranko painting I will feel duty bound to read them as well.

Will Errickson said...

Oh, the glory days before Photoshop! Lovely stuff indeed.

Tony Robertson said...

The image was again printed, finally in it's original format as part of the Steranko Trading Card set. It can be seen here: