Friday, July 16, 2010

Killraven: 'Amazing Adventures' No. 30
(May 1975)

The May 1975 issue of ‘Amazing Adventures’ No. 30 features one of the more iconic representations of Killraven and the Marvel ‘War of the Worlds’ storyline. 

The cover of the British edition was  used by author David Kyle in his section on H. G. Wells’ novel in 'A Pictorial History of Science Fiction' (1977, Hamlyn, London).

It’s also featured on the back cover of the 'Marvel Essentials' black & white collection of the Killraven saga.
Unfortunately, however striking the cover, the contents of this issue leave a lot to be desired. By Spring 1975 Marvel’s publication schedule was so over-ambitious that it wasn’t unusual for Stan Lee to recycle previously published material in order to fill the necessary page count and meet  deadlines. For Amazing Adventures No. 30, pages from issue No. 23 (‘The Legend Assassins’) and issue No. 24 (‘For He’s A Jolly Dead Rebel’) are inserted under the ruse of a ‘flashback’ storyline featuring the High Overlord.
[In fairness to Lee, he wasn’t alone in shamelessly recycling comics during the 70s. Over at Warren publishing, James Warren was regularly reprinting previous strips into new issues of Erie and Creepy. Maybe, like Warren, Lee was reluctant to expand his payroll when he could wrest sheckels from the unwary buyer for the old stuff in new packaging…..]

The last page of the book tells us that, far from dying in the assault that killed their mother when they were boys, Killraven’s brother Deathraven is alive and well… and awaiting our hero at Yellowstone National Park. It’s the only really rewarding tidbit present in one of the more forgettable issues of the Killraven saga........

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