Thursday, July 1, 2010

'Heavy Metal' magazine: July 1980

The July 1980 issue of ‘Heavy Metal’ features a front cover illustration by Carol Donner titled ‘Invaders From Mars: Part II’ and a back cover by Tito Salomi, titled ‘And the Children Play’.
This issue contains some major advertising (at least by the historical standards of the magazine); Kawasaki bought an inside front cover ad for their KE100 dirt bike, and the opening page of the magazine has a full-page ad from Bic cigarette lighters. ‘Starlog’ magazine purchased the inside back cover ad space. Things were looking promising for the sales and marketing staff of Heavy Metal…
The contents of this issue include a new story by Bilal titled ‘Progress’,  the first part of a mediocre strip by Moebius called ‘Shore Leave’, another installment of ‘The Alchemist Supreme’ by Ribera and Godard, and ‘Kraoo’ by Sokal. 

Among the more visually interesting short pieces was ‘A Message from the Shadows’ by Druillet. Its striking orange-and-red color scheme loses some intensity when scanned thirty years after being printed, or at least when using a bright-setting LCD monitor to view things, but (hopefully) my tinkering with the ArcSoft Photo Studio app should correct things a bit…..

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