Friday, February 4, 2011

'Heavy Metal' magazine February 1981

The February 1981 issue of 'Heavy Metal' isn't particularly memorable. The one good feature is the next chapter in Druillet's 'Salammbo', which I've posted below. 

Other comics in this issue are installments of 'Bloodstar' by Corben; 'What is Reality, Papa ?', an 'Alchemist Supreme' spinoff by Godard and Ribera; 'Ambassador of the Shadows' by Christin and Mezieres; and two singletons: a mediocre Moebius entry called 'The Horny God', and 'K.O'' by Voss. 

The William S. Burroughs story trumpeted on the front cover, 'Civilian Defense', is a unremarkable two-page entry. But at least it doesn't feature pederastic themes, something  Burroughs was fond of, and an aspect of his character that the worshipful literary elite preferred not to advertise.....

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