Wednesday, February 9, 2011

'Questar' magazine February 1981

The contents of this issue were actually compiled in late 1980. They include a portfolio of artwork by Boris Vallejo, a tribute to Hugo Gernsback, the cheesy b & w comic 'Just Imagine Jeannie' (created by Forest Ackerman), and an interview with hard SF writer George Zebrowski ('The Omega Point', 'Macrolife') which I will be posting here later this month.

There are a number of advertisements for geek culture artifacts, providing a trip down memory lane to the days when feathered-back hair parted in the middle was the height of fashion:

There's a full-page ad for the David Cronenberg film 'Scanners', released to theatres in mid-January 1981:

And closing out the magazine's last few pages is an overview of the Year in Fantastic Cinema 80-81 (mostly 1980), which is an interesting look at the state of the genre as the new decade got underway. Some of the films and TV shows in the pictorial were pretty bad, and some (John Russo's film 'Midnight' and 'The Hand' starring Michael Caine) are quite obscure.

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