Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Killraven: 'Amazing Adventures' No. 35
(March 1976)

'Amazing Adventures featuring War of the Worlds' from March 1976 was actually on the stands in January / February 1976. This issue relates the tale of 'The 24-Hour Man', written by Don McGregor, with layouts by Craig Russell, and art by Keith Giffin and Jack Abel.

'24-Hour Man' starts with Killraven and his team approaching the outskirts of Atlanta, where they come upon a distraught woman and a monster named 'G'Rath'. This plot only gets stranger as the story goes on, and I can't make up my mind if it has an innate cornball brilliance, or is just a half-hearted effort by McGregor to get something out the door  Such was the nature of many Marvel comics from the mid-70s. 


This issue contains one of the more bizarre marketing ploys yet delivered by Stan Lee: a record album titled 'Reflections of a Rock Super Hero' (!?). 

This ad lists some truly cheesy song titles, all dealing with various aspects of Spider-Man's life and loves.

I have never listened to any of these songs, but a remastered version of the album is available as a CD and is reviewed at amazon.com. There are sample clips from each track available there was well, for those adventurous souls who are truly earnest about exploring the most wretched of 70s excesses...

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Luis said...

Sometimes the lesser known titles by both Marvel and DC had the best artwork. That's definitely the case here with Keith Giffen and Jack Able who deliver above average pencils and inks. Great stuff.