Saturday, March 17, 2012

'Crash Ryan' by Ron Harris
Epic Comics, 1984

The four-issue limited series 'Crash Ryan' was written and illustrated by Ron Harris, and released by Marvel's 'Epic' line in October 1984 - January 1985.

As Harris indicates in his Introduction in issue 1, he was inspired to do the series by the serials he watched in the movie houses of his youth, as well as his reading of Norman Bel Geddes' 1929 design tome 'Horizons', and the 1936 movie 'Things to Come'.

I've posted previously on the concept of 30s retro-futurism, and allied depictions of an alternate America where the skies are filled with art-deco airplanes sporting all manner of un-aerodynamic fairings, wing configurations, and engine assemblies. 

'Crash' fits neatly into this sub-genre of scif-fi. Harris's artwork and pacing expertly captures the flavor of both the Indiana Jones serials,  the technological stylings of the 'Airboy' comics, and their more modern incarnations, such the as videogame 'Crimson Skies'.

.cbr files of all four issues are available here.

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