Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Heavy Metal magazine March 1978

'Heavy Metal' magazine March 1978

It's March, 1978, and the disco sounds of the Bee Gees are ruling the top 40 charts, with 'I Go Crazy' by Paul Davis, and 'Emotion' by Samantha Sang, also elbowing into the Billboard Top 10.

The March issue of Heavy Metal is on the stands, with a wraparound cover by Jim Burns titled 'Colonel Killing'. 

It's the end of its first year of HM's publication, and a very successful year it has been. Stoners and sf fans everywhere have discovered a 'slick' magazine that features comics, some of the them R-rated, printed with top-quality process color on good paper stock. All of a sudden, all of the Marvel and DC comic books, and even the Warren magazines, look outdated and passe.

The March 1978 issue ably showcases the printing technology on display in HM, with Jean-Michel Nicollet's 'The Abracax Effect'. 

As with most of Nicollet's strips, the plot is surreal, while the artwork is above and beyond most anything American comics fans have ever seen before....

There are a number of other memorable stories in the March issue, and I'll be posting them as the month unfolds.

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