Monday, March 12, 2012

'Heavy Metal' magazine March 1982

The March 1982 issue of ‘Heavy Metal’ is a special issue devoted to Rock music; the front cover (‘Pattie Flying An Atomic Potato Through Megacorporate Musicland’) is by Victor Stabin, while the back cover (‘Electric Splendor’) is by Philippe Druillet.

This month’s Dossier section focuses on science fact, with the launch of the space shuttles as a cultural and scientific impetus. Somewhat surprisingly, Lou Stathis’s ‘rok’ album reviews are actually more readable, and less burdened with pretention, than usual; I suspect that, having reached the apogee of pretentiousness in his reviews in the February 1982 issue, Stathis simply had nowhere else to go.

There are ongoing installments of Segrelles’ ‘The Mercenary’, Moebius’s ‘The Incal Light’, Renard and Schuiten’s ‘At the Middle of Cymbiola’, and Corben’s ‘Den II’.

The special Rock-themed pieces are, on the whole, disappointing. Easily the best of them is Macedo’s ‘Jungle Rock’, which I post here. Featuring bright colors, Rasta musicians, and of course copious T & A, it’s the perfect comic strip for those late-Winter doldrums.

Best of all, thuggish droogs, demented scientists, homicidal robots, and other malcontents common to Macedo's 'Telefield' comics don't make an appearance to upset the mellow grooves of this particular happy couple.....

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