Thursday, August 16, 2012

Abelmar Jones: 'Bad Day 'Cross 110th Street'
by Bill Dubay and Alex Nino
from Eerie #92, May 1978 

Vintage Ghetto Action, including 'right - on' 70s phrases like:

 "hot 'nuff t' fry chitlin's on the roof"


"Jeezus Lawd !"

and ending the adventure of our two young homeboys (actually, the term 'homeboy' was not in use in 1978....)  with a bottle of Gallo 'Ripple' brand pop wine......

Abelmar Jones was a recurring character in several Eerie issues in the late 70s. His adventures involved supernatural phenomena that happened to take place in the ghetto, as opposed to Transylvania or the desolate heaths of England.

'Bad Day 'Cross 110th Street' was the first of the Abelmar Jones stories.

I'll be posting more of his adventures in the coming weeks.


MPorcius said...

I don't drink, and until today had no idea Ripple was a brand name; I thought it was some kind of slang or something the writers of "Sanford and Son" just made up.

Daniele Tomasi said...

AlexNino, always a master!!!

Colorist- Marcio Freire said...