Monday, August 13, 2012

'Heavy Metal' magazine August 1982

It's August, 1982, and in heavy rotation on the FM stations is 'Eye in the Sky' by the Alan Parsons Project.

The latest issue of Heavy Metal magazine is on the stands, featuring 'Voltomat', by Thomas Warkentin, on the front cover, and "Just A Bit Off the Top, Mac !", by Christopher Mark Brennan, on the back cover.

The Dossier is the usual lively grab-bag of reviews and commentary.

Rok Critic Lou Stathis examines what he calls 'Ear Movies', i.e., soundtrack / instrumental albums by the likes of Vangelis and Georgio Moroder. Back in the early 80s the concept of Chill Music didn't really exist, and there were no internet or satellite radio channels devoted to the genre. So even if groups like The Thievery Corporation had existed in 1982, there was no real broadcasting outlet for them, save perhaps as a Sunday night show on the college radio stations.

The movie reviews cover gems such as John Carpenter's The Thing, as well as E. T., Poltergeist, and Tron.

There is an interview with the British sf author Brian Aldiss, who provides his list of top-ten books 'To Be Stuck In An Indian Urinal With'.

The graphic content of the August issue is underwhelming. Ongoing installments of Corben's 'Den II', Jodorowsky and Moebius's 'Incal Light', 'Zora' by Fernandez, 'Yragael' by Druillet, and 'The Voyage of Those Forgotten', by Bilal, consist of too few pages to maintain much in the way of mental continuity with the reader.

One promising development is a new serial by Berni Wrightson, titled 'Freak Show'; this would become one of Wrightson's more memorable comic art creations.

I've posted the 'Voyage of Those Forgotten' entry below.

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