Friday, August 24, 2012

'Hungry Chuck Biscuits' by Daniel Clowes
from Teenage Horizons of Shangri-La No. 2, November, 1972

'Hungry Chuck Biscuits', a character created by the artist Daniel Clowes, appeared in a number of underground comix in the early 70s.

This episode, from the second issue of the comix Teenage Horizons of Shangri-La, follows our hero as he tries to rid himself of intestinal worms - using Bosco chocolate syrup (?!). The original slideshow is available here.

Uniquely demented humor.....even Heavy Metal never ran anything quite like this - !

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Mudsharkbytes said...

Actually, that wonderfully disgusting story is from vol 1 of Teen-age Horizons do Shangrila, not 2.