Friday, December 14, 2012

'A Christmas Romance' by Jean-Michel Nicolett
from Metal Hurlant No. 24, December, 1977

This is a special Christmas issue, 'Perversions of Santa Claus (Father Christmas)'.

It's a French thing, I guess....

This issue features another fine contribution from Jean-Michel Nicolett, titled 'A Chistmas Romance'. Only three pages in length, but warped genius in every panel.....

(My translation is paraphrased)

 December 1999, and this is the End....

 and a few days later....

"I'm hungry all the time"
".....not even a rat !"
"I'm hungry.....thirsty..."

"Say, you know what day it is ? my watch, it's December 25! It's a funny name ?
....Hey, I'll give a gift for you, Tourme !"

He grabbed his telescopic machete that he always carried with him....
"It was good, my love ?"
"Mmmmmmm !" 

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