Saturday, December 22, 2012

'Heavy Metal' magazine, December, 1982

December, 1982, and 'Maneater' by Hall and Oates in in heavy rotation on MTV and on the FM radio stations.

Montxo Algora provides both the front and back covers for this month's issue of Heavy Metal.

This issue is actually rather good, one of the better ones for the year. There are ongoing installments of Kaulta's 'Starstruck', Pisu and Manara's 'The Ape',  Duillet's 'Yragael', Fernandez's 'Zora', Jones and Wrightson's 'Freak Show', and Corben's 'Den II'.

In the Dossier, we have capsule reviews of the year's LPs; groups like Saxon, Girlschool, U. S. metal, and Shooting Star have, sadly, disappeared from the musical consciousness in the intervening 30 years.

Billy Idol sulks for the camera; an article about sensory deprivation tanks represents a late follow-up to the theme of the 1981 movie 'Altered States'; and we're given reviews of a large number (of what turned out to be entirely forgettable) fantasy novels.

Higher-end advertisers still elude HM; this issues features a full-pager from a mail-order Head Shop. Back in December '82, the idea of pot being legalized in Washington state - or in any state - seemed very, very, far off....

Moebius ably represents with a nice little four-page entry, 'The Emerald Lake', which I've posted below. It's all about Brazil and emeralds.

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