Thursday, December 6, 2012

'Heavy Metal' magazine December 1978

December, 1978, and on the FM radio stations, Al Stewart's 'Time Passages' is getting heavy airplay.

The latest issue of Heavy Metal magazine is on the stands at Gordon's Cigar store. In this, the era before video games and computers and cable TV with more than 15 channels, Heavy Metal is a welcome piece of escapism from the early darkness and cold weather that accompanies December's advent in the Rust Belt.

The front cover is 'The Second Experiment' by Peter A. Jones, and the back cover, 'In Dolly's Dreams', is by William M. Kaluta.

Looking through its pages, I see new installments of Bilal's 'Exterminator 17', Morrrow's 'Orion', Corben's 'New Tales of the Arabian Nights', more of Moebius's 'Airtight Garage', and McKie's 'So Beautiful and So Dangerous'. All vintage HM goodness.

However, the outstanding comic in the December issue is Paul Kirchner's 'Tarot'.

Featuring Kirchner's meticulously detailed artwork, an offbeat plot, a surprise ending,  and employing just 6 dialogue balloons, even the heaviest of stoners among the HM readership could groove on this gem.......

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