Wednesday, January 2, 2013

'Heavy Metal' magazine, January 1979

January 1979, and in heavy rotation on the AOR FM stations are singles from Toto’s debut album, including ‘Hold the Line’. Setting aside the band’s cutesy name, their album contained a number of good songs, including ‘Georgy Porgy’, ‘Rockmaker’, and 'Take It All Back’. 

The front cover of the January 1979 issue of Heavy Metal was ‘Rocking Centaur’ by Jo Ellen Trilling, with Kevin Johnson providing the back cover, ‘Three Men’. 

Lots of good material in this issue; the concluding installment of Duillet’s ‘Gail’, and ongoing episodes of Corben’s ‘Sinbad’, Bilal’s ‘Exterminator 17’, Macedo’s ‘Telefield’, McKie’s ‘So Beautiful and So Dangerous’, and Montellier’s ‘1996’. 

Enki Bilal also provided a neat little tale about interstellar diplomacy gone wrong: ‘The Ultimate Negotiation’, which I’ve posted below. 

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