Tuesday, January 8, 2013

'The Wizard's Castle' (El Castillo del Brujo) by John Howe
from Metal Hurlant (Spanish language edition) No. 32

As this army of demons learns, attacking a wizard's castle can have its downside....especially if the wizard is an acolyte of the Great Old Ones.....

Some great artwork from Canadian artist John Howe.

(my translation is paraphrased)

 The Wizard's Castle (El Castillo del Brujo)

This is how the legend goes: the sun rose slowly, like a wineskin full of blood, fog on the horizon thickening, as if to heal the wounds of dawn. The black birds took flight heavily after the earth rumbled....with a slow, rumbling cadence....

 The demon lord: "Alba blood ! A good omen !"

His lieutenant: "Yes, and this day will be scarlet. Look! Our goal is in that eternal sea of ​​mist....."

The lieutenant: "The  castle !"

The demon lord: "There lives the Wizard ! I can sense it.....I can sense his spell..."

His lieutenant: "Magic is an evil weapon !"

The demon lord: "No magic can resist a well-tempered steel weapon !"

"Look ! In the tower !"

"It's him !"

The demon lord: "Shoggoth !"

"You'll pay dearly for your insolence ! Forward !"

"Charge ! I want his head !"

"A hundred gold pieces to whomever brings me his head !"

"What about the fog...! I expect you to get up and move !"

The lieutenant: "No ! It is useless to try !"

The lieutenant: "They'll never get up! Pftaghn! Spells...a cowardly weapon! But nothing will avail him by the use of his spells!

The demon lord: "Forward !"

(fading out...)

So is the legend, that no army has crossed the walls of that castle, that no invader has trampled their feet upon the white tiles of its vaulted halls, since the wizard chose that place to be like home.

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