Sunday, January 27, 2013

'Hunter II' from Eerie magazine issue No. 67 (August 1975)

After the initial run of ‘Hunter’ in Eerie generated considerable reader approval, Bill Dubay decided to resurrect the character in a ‘Hunter II’ iteration, with the first episode appearing in Eerie No. 67 (August 1975).

Hunter II featured a brand-new protagonist, and a more concerted effort to tie the storyline into that of other ongoing features (such as ‘Exterminator’) in Eerie. Paul Neary was retained as the artist, and Budd Lewis continued to provide the plots.

Succeeding episodes – which I’ll be posting here at the PorPor Blog – appeared in Eerie Nos. 68, 70 – 72, and 74.

A standalone, final episode in the series as a whole, appeared in Eerie 101 (June 1979).



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Edo Bosnar said...

Lovely stuff. The more I look at these Hunter posts of yours, the closer I'm edging toward buying that new book that collects all of them...