Sunday, March 30, 2014

A Gallery of SF Art

A Gallery of SF Art
from Infinite Worlds by Vincent Di Fate, Penguin Studio / The Wonderland Press, 1997

 untitled, C. A. M. Thole

untitled, Manuel Sanjulian

Don Maitz, The Electric Forest, 1979

Joe Mugnaini, The War of the Worlds, 1964

Kevin Murphy, untitled

James Warhola, Callahan's Touch, 1994

Barclay Shaw, Dr. Adder, 1984

Doug Rosa, The Land of Terror, 1965

Michael Whelan, Armenia, 1990

Darrell K. Sweet, David Starr, Space Ranger, late 70s - early 80s

David B. Mattingly, How to Save the World, 1995

Don Ivan Punchatz, untitled (Star Trek aliens)

Tom Kidd, Sherlock Holmes Through Time and Space, 1984

Fred Pfeiffer, The Mystery on the Snow, 1972

Paul Lehr, untitled, 1988

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