Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Viy by Maroto

'The Viy'
(Dracula magazine preview)
by Esteban Maroto
from Creepy No. 51 (March 1973)

Dracula was a comic book / magazine, 28 pages in length, that was published in Spain, starting in 1971, by Buru Lan Comics.  The initial run of 12 issues was ultimately expanded to 60 by the time the series ended in 1973.

In 1972, the first 12 issues were translated into English and released in the UK by the New English Library. A compilation of all of those 12 issues was released by the NEL, and is a highly-sought, expensive item.

In the March, 1973 issue of Creepy (No. 51), Warren ran a preview, titled 'The Viy', of what it claimed was a forthcoming 120 page reprinting of some of the material appearing in the Dracula series. 'Dracula Book 1' was indeed published by Warren, as a 124 page, full-color volume that contained the first six issues. [The second volume never appeared.]

Copies of any of the Spanish, UK, or Warren / US versions in good condition are very rare and very expensive.

Dracula featured some outstanding artwork, primarily done by Maroto, although other Spanish artists made noteworthy contributions.

Below I've posted scans of 'The Viy' made from the New Comic Co. Creepy Archives volume 11 (October 2011).

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Russ said...

I used to have the individual NEL issues, which could be ordered through the Monster Times back when. Both the Warren book and the British hardcover annual lack the moody painted covers by Enrich.