Friday, March 14, 2014

Heavy Metal March 1980

'Heavy Metal' magazine March 1980

It's March, 1980, and on heavy rotation on FM radio is Blondie's single 'Call Me', the title track for the film American Gigolo.

The latest issue of 'Heavy Metal' magazine is on the stands, featuring a front cover byJohn Bolton titled 'Little Propositions', and a back cover by Sam McLean, titled 'The Tower of Babel'.

Among the advertisements in the March issue is one for The Most Shocking Books of All Time....'The Necronomicon' ! 

At $30, it's pricey for the standards of the time......and just what was in the 'Necronomicon' ? Well, the advertisement doesn't disclose that.

While the March, 1980 issue has too much of the same old crap: 'Changes' by Howarth , 'Rock Opera' by Kierkegaard, and 'Professor Thintwhistle' by Lupoff and Stiles, it does have worthy entries from Corben ('The Beast of Wolfton'), The Brothers Schuiten ('The Crevasse'), and Lee Marrs ('Good Vibrations').

Below I've posted 'The Crevasse' by The Brothers Schuiten.

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