Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Adam Ant, Space Pirate

Adam Ant, Space Pirate
by Bryan Talbot
originally produced for Adam Ant magazine, 1981 (UK)
scanned from The Art of Bryan Talbot, NBM, 2007

The idea of Adam Ant as a Space Pirate seems truly cheesy, but that doesn't mean that UK artist Bryan Talbot didn't give it his all, as witnessed by this cool picture. 

Believe it or not, back in the early 80s Adam Ant was a feature character in UK magazines devoted to pop music and TV. There was in fact a an Adam Ant comic strip (!) that appeared in successive issues of TV Tops magazine !

Call it an overdose of 80s nostalgia, but I'll take Adam Ant memorabilia over the latest endeavors of 'Lady GaGa' any day......

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MPorcius said...

I just watched the video for "Stand and Deliver" for the first time in 25 or 30 years; I was surprised to see Amanda Donohoe as the female lead!