Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Bats by Doug Moench, Paul Gulacy, and Duffy Vohland

by Doug Moench (script) and Paul Gulacy and Duffy Vohland (art)
from Vampire Tales (Marvel / Curtis), issue 7, October 1974

Entirely wordless, these kinds of comics look like they're easy to pull off, when in fact they are heavily reliant on the skill of the artist......and this comic does a great deal with its seven pages, thanks primarily to some great illustration by Paul Gulacy and Duffy Vohland.

Also of interest in this issue, a review of four Pinnacle / Zebra paperbacks from long, long ago....I have never heard of any of these. 

But then again, if they were representative of the typical Zebra horror novel, I'm probably not missing much.....

Anyways, here is 'Bats'.....

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MPorcius said...

The Arthur Machen collection by Pinnacle reviewed in this issue of Vampire Tales includes at least two stories worth the attention of Lovecraft aficionados, "The Novel of the Black Seal" and "The Novel of the White Powder." I read them years ago at Gutenberg.org in the collection The Three Imposters.

Machen is an interesting character, and an influence on Lovecraft and the whole Weird Tales circle.