Thursday, March 5, 2015

Epic Illustrated June 1984

Epic Illustrated 
No. 24

One of the better singleton entries in this issue is 'The Jewel in the Clouds', by first-time contributor and artist Jon Zack. According to the 'Overview' section of the magazine, editor Archie Goodwin was alerted to Zack's artwork by Boris Vallejo. 

Goodwin asked Zack to contribute a feature, with Goodwin providing the 'script' (which essentially consists of a trite prose peom).

Despite Goodwin's unimpressive text, Zack's offbeat, imaginative art style is well worth viewing. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any information about him with a Google this Epic Illustrated entry may well have been his only graphic art to ever be published.


Gringo Von Starbucks said...

Wow there is nothing about this guy on the nets. Never seen anything like it before.

Man's Rage Magazine said...

I think he did another short, published in Heavy Metal... I'll look it up.

AndreaP said...

I'm glad to find other fans on the net like me. Jon Zack did three stories for Marvel, overall: you can find all of them on a blog post I've published today, together with an interview. I hope it will be fully understandable by google-translating it from italian to english. Regards.

The Grand Wazoo said...

I think that this is my cousin. I vaguely remember him showing me these, it was years ago. He works with different media, not just drawing, not just acid engravings. I'll say this, he's very tall, very smart, and very soft-spoken.