Saturday, March 21, 2015

Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday
by Alan Weiss (script and art)
from Amazing High Adventure (Marvel Comics)
Issue 2, September 1985

Amazing High Adventure was an anthology comic book that Marvel published intermittently for 5 issues, from August 1984 - December 1986.

The book was edited by Carl Potts, one of the more talented artist / writers on the Marvel editorial staff at the time, and Potts selected material that was, by and large, of good quality and presented as well as anything could, in an era when Marvel and other major comic book publishers has switched to cheaper, plastic printing plates.

Amazing High Adventure was a conscious effort on Marvel's part to create an anthology that mimicked the classic 'men's adventure' magazines of the 50s and 60s. Rather than stories centered on superheroes, AHA focused on 'realistic' stories set in actual historical periods.

The second issue, released in September 1985, featured a nicely illustrated tale by writer/artist Alan Wiess titled 'Palm Sunday'. I've posted it below.

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