Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Heavy Metal magazine March 1985

'Heavy Metal' magazine March 1985

March, 1985, and in heavy rotation on FM radios and MTV is Julian Lennon's second hit single, 'Too Late for Goodbyes'.

The latest issue of Heavy Metal magazine is on the stands, with a front cover by Luis Royo and a striking back cover by Caza.

The 'Dossier' section has a review of Philip K. Dick's novels by erstwhile 'Rok' Critic Lou Stathis.....Stathis tosses in K. W. Jeter's 'Dr. Adder' as being in the Dick Canon.

Another Dossier page provides reviews of recently released sf novels, including Scholz and Harcourt's Ace Special 'Palimpsests.'  Reviewer Robert Morales praises the novel's 'Pynchonesque narrative' and 'Ballardian introspection'........personally, I gave up on 'Palimpsests' after the first 25 pages, because it sucked..........

The third part of Charles Burns's El Borbah comic 'Bone Voyage' is published; I have posted it below, and for the sake of continuity, I also include the second installment, which had appeared in the February,1985 issue of Heavy Metal.

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