Monday, May 11, 2020

Portrait of an Icon

Portrait of an Icon

He had just returned from the War….one of those Green Beret rangers.

A trained killer, people would say later.

Before the War, he had hunted down and broken wild horses in these mountains.

Some said the reason he was so good at these things, and the reason he lived alone in this forest, was that he had some Indian blood in him.

Others said that he simply didn’t like people.

All I knew, was his name………..

(my brother- the same one who coined the term 'PorPor' - did this portrait; oil on plywood)

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Anonymous said...

That is awesome,been a billy Jack fan for years, saw the film when I was young and it left a real impression on me. Your brother did a great job of not only capturing his likeness but also an emotion of who that character was.