Monday, July 8, 2019

Killraven's First Appearance, Amazing Adventures Issue 18

Killraven's First Appearance
'War of the Worlds'
Amazing Adventures No. 18
Marvel Comics, May 1973
I've posted excerpts from this inaugural issue of the 'Killraven / War of the Worlds' storyline back in 2009, but I think it deserves to be presented in full. These scans come from the 2018 Marvel Masterworks edition of 'Killraven: Volume 1' (look for a full review coming soon)

Certainly, 'Killraven' is one of the greatest of the sci-fi comics of the 70s (standing alongside Deathlok's appearances in Astonishing Tales during the same time period). Neal Adams started the artwork on this issue of Amazing Adventures, but left the assignment unfinished. Howard Chaykin hastily was recruited to fill in the missing pages.

While limited to only 20 pages, writer Gerry Conway nonetheless was able to come up with a narrative that sufficiently fleshed out the future world of Killraven to keep readers intrigued and ready to come back for more.  

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