Saturday, August 1, 2020

Heavy Metal Presents: Moebius

Heavy Metal Presents: Moebius

Heavy Metal released this compilation of all-new (i.e., it had not previously appeared in the magazine) Moebius material in 1981. Due to speculators, copies in good condition have steep asking prices, but I was able to find a nice copy for $6 in my local comic book shop.

The first half of Heavy Metal Presents: Moebius is made up of an English translation of the initial chapters of the 'Black Incal' (L'Incal Noircomic. 

The coloring scheme reflects the state of comic book printing in 1981, which was not that great............

Then there is a section of book and magazine covers:

Closing out the compilation are some shorter color and black-and-white comics. 

The best of these is 'The Detour', a satirical tale of Moebius on vacation in the South of France with his wife and baby; despite its heavy amount of text, the comic brings forth the artists' genius at draftsmanship, particularly in this self-portrait:

Summing up, while I wouldn't pay $30 or more for a copy of Heavy Metal Presents: Moebius, if you come across a copy for $20 or less then I recommend picking it up.

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fred said...

It's a nice book, and a nice find for 6 bucks.